About SynergicSource™

We are a team of professionals with 15+ years of experience in product design and technology architecture helping startups around the world to build mass-scale products and amazing user experiences.


Scalability at the very core to support amazing user experiences.

Our stack of choice

Our team has comprehensive experience in technologies, frameworks and tools
that span throughout the entire backlog of any product needs.
API & Services

Our technologies of choice to build API-ready applications speeds up development and allows for rapid growth while keeping a strong focus on scalability.

NodeJS / PM2 – Express.js, Koa.js

Cloud Infrastructure: AWS Stack

MongoDB | Apache Cassandra

Java: Spring | Groovy | Scala

UI & Experience

Our way of building applications allows for the creation of highly interactive user experiences, WOW effect, performance and speed while taking proper good care of SEO and discoverability.

HTML5 | CSS3 | Responsive Interfaces

AngularJS | Angular2 | React

Flux | Backbone | Flight

UI Kits | Bootstrap

Big Data

Massive data analysis used for behavioral analysis powers up not only market-driven product decisions, but enables top-of-the-game personalized user experiences.

Apache Hadoop | Spark

Amazon Kinesis | RedShift

Akka | Storm | NodeJS

Elastic Search | Kibana

ABUSE: UI Architecture

Discover how to write massive scale applications easier, faster and reducing server load while improving response times by 50.000% (yes, really) to provide the most extreme of user experiences.
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STAR: Application Architecture

Discover how to think applications built for massive scalability and amazing user experiences in record time while maintaining SEO features and discoverability.
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Instant: build to scale

The Instant Framework is our love-child. Built on top of Node.js and Angular.js that can speed the development of cross-platform high-scalability products by 20x.
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